Software development

Let’s build growth-focused technology that’s simple and predictable so founders like you can spend more time on your business instead of worrying about your tech projects.

How we can help

Mobile app development

We will build the app that will meet all of your needs now and in the future by combining technical proficiency with business sense.

Web platform development

(You’ve seen this somewhere before, but…) we will build the web platform that will meet all of your needs now and in the future by combining technical proficiency with business sense. Always optimized for mobile.

CMS site

We will build a powerful, unique website just for you using your CMS of choice (or we can choose for you!). CMS platforms like WordPress & Squarespace are great because they allow users to update their sites with new content by themselves.

our approach

Growth Focused

We take your ideas and make sure to approach the build with a focus on growth and revenue. Your product won’t be built “just to work.” Instead, we’ll consider your specific goals and ensure there’s a path to user adoption and revenue. No more wasted time and money completely rebuilding because you’ll already have a plan and the functionality to launch whenever you’re ready.

Transparency & Control

Too often, the development process begins and suddenly all bets are off. Founders don’t have access to code, receive infrequent updates, and generally have no idea if anything is really happening. Never with us. You own your code immediately, and can access and take control at any point. We will update you weekly and make sure to answer any and all questions along the way so there's full transparency across the board. We’ll take care of everything so you can spend time focusing on your business.

Quality & Speed

We work efficiently and effectively to deliver you top-quality products and service. We keep your short-term and long-term goals in mind so that we build the product in the best way possible to support your vision and goals. We don't believe in shortcuts or bandaid solutions. If you do, we may not be the right fit for you.

We're on a mission to abolish regret and unnecessary fear when building, launching, optimizing, and scaling apps and websites.

Our Process

Share Your Vision

Share your ideas, requirements, and expectations with us. We’ll discuss to make sure we understand, and help make sure there's a sound path forward. Then, we look into your project free of charge.

We Outline & Review

We review and investigate your requirements thoroughly, discuss any additional opportunities or roadblocks, and identify the best possible tech solutions for your project. If questions or new scenarios arise, we'll come back to you so we can solve together.

You Get:

  • Costs and time estimations.
  • Professional analysis and consultation on your project.
  • Suggestions on tools, methods, and solutions needed.