We're a team of big-hearted people putting meaningful quality and positive emotion back into business.​

Hi, I’m Kanika. I’m honored that you’re curious enough to want to learn more, so thanks very much for taking the time! It’s more than likely I’ll be the first person you’ll get to know before we work together, so figured it made sense to share a little more about me.:

  •  I spent the majority of my career in-house, heading up growth, strategy, and marketing, so I understand your most important metrics and how to get there.

  • I began working for startups and small biz in college, but my first “real” crack at things was leading the charge on content marketing strategy at a tech startup out of Watertown, MA called RallyPoint. With a lot of time and effort, I figured out a repeatable and scalable strategy that increased organic traffic by over 400% and brought us over 200k users per month, for free.
  • At RallyPoint, I used the skills I developed managing content strategy and took over all user acquisition efforts. We scaled from ~300k registered users to over 1.3M in about 12 months, with an average CAC under $1 and an average CPC of $0.05.
  • I was the Head of Marketing at a For-Good FinTech called Inspired. Amidst a lot of strategic planning & company direction setting, I drove user growth requiring the capture of SSNs, birthdates, and location information. We increased volume by 1100% and reduced CAC down to 1/10th of industry standard within 2 months with no increase in budget.
My experiences taught me a lot along the way, and they also inspired me to solve many of the problems I kept seeing over and over again. So, I set out to re-connect and find people who shared the same values and vision to truly help great people create great businesses that are set up to succeed. We were:
  • Sick of firms that charged exuberant fees just to pump up vanity numbers and so-called “intangibles” that never actually helped move the needle, tangibly or intangibly.

  • Sick of the wasted time and money spent building platforms and companies that technically worked but weren’t built to scale due to lack of experience or perspective.

  • Sick of founders being taken advantage of by firms who leveraged ignorance, manipulated good people, and straight up lied, often leaving them with little to nothing.

  • Sick of creative, driven, smart business owners feeling lost and defeated.
Thanks to these shared values and my experience working extensively with developers throughout my career, I was able to put together an incredible team who wanted to stop being sick of those issues and, instead, fix them. We understand the difficulties and hurdles in building and growing tech, and we’re proud to make the process simple and predictable so founders can spend time focusing on the business instead of worrying about tech projects and how to scale. We’re on a mission to abolish regret and unnecessary fear when building, launching, optimizing, and scaling your company.

There are many things that I loved about working with Kanika, too many to list actually – but what I appreciated most is that she takes time to thoroughly think through all possible scenarios for any project she’s involved with and, by doing so, is able to give you answers before you even realize you had a question!

Ginger Dixon

Head of Operations, Inspired